MANDALAY (City of Arts & Crafts)
Second largest city 668 km north of Yangon was the last capital of Myanmar Dynasty. Mandalay together with its neighbouring ancient cities Mingun, Sagaing, Ava, Amarapura have rich with cultural inheritance, famous temples, traditional arts and crafts.
During those days in 1857 a proper Royal Palace was proudly established protect with four sided immense walls measure 8m high and 3m thick made of fired brick backed by earth ramparts. Each side of the walls is 2km long and surrounded with 70m wide and 3m deep moats.
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Traditional dance and drama from cultural centre of Myanmar.
Mandalay Hill, with spiraling stairways, temples and sweeping views.
Ancient Rakhaing Buddha Image at Mahamuni Pagoda.
Kuthodaw Pagoda, the world’s biggest book.
Bustling markets with produce and handicrafts from Upper Myanmar.
Hygienic and desert Chinese and Myanmar restaurants are in Mandalay and Sagaing. Mandalay noodle is famous for breakfast and lunch. Obviously flourish teashops offers good nan, parata and chapati. You can have good Indian food as well as the area produce good wheat flour. Restaurant
Tapestry, silver ware, bronze ware are the products of Mandalay. Hand woven silk fabrics are also made in Mandalay and Amarapura at weaving factories. In fact that these items
are much cheaper in Mandalay than in Yangon. Shopping
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