Bagan ( Vicinity)

Mount Popa

About 50 miles (80km) southeast of Bagan. On the way, can study palm tree climbing, palm sugar making and grinding cooking oil. Rises like a sugar-loaf, Mount Popa is (Popa is Sanskrit for flower) 4,981ft (1,500m) high, and also like a massive, misplaced pillar. It was created from a violent volcanic
eruption way back in 442 BC to become the dwelling place of the gods. For 700 years from the 4th to 11th centuries, every king had to make a pilgrimage here to consult the spirits before his reign could begin. Even today, Mount Popa is considered the earthly font of power for the mystical world of the nats. Atop the impressive rocky crag clings a picturesque complex of monasteries, stupas and shrines that can climb to, via a winding, covered stairway, complete with curious monkeys. The 25 minute climb is steep and stiff, but it gets cooler as it gets higher. When reach the top the views are fantastic. There are many other pilgrims along the way, including a class of non-ordained hermit monks who wear tall peaked hats; part of their meditation involves walking very slowly and mindfully while in the vicinity of Mt. Popa. The Mount Popa area has also been designated as a National Park, a perfect place for eco-tourism.


It is a small town about 15 km south of Bagan, down the Ayeyarwaddy River. U Pone Nya Museum, formerly the Yoke Sone Monastery, exhibits antique lacquer-wares, wooden relieves and a large standing gilded Buddha image. The figures carved outside the front of the building are worth seeing. Yoke Sone Monastery, which is the oldest existing monastery built entirely with teak wood. It has 154 teak posts and decorated with beautiful wood-carvings. Man Paya, a largest Lac Buddha image, 6 meter high, dated from the 13th century is the famous in Sale. Along the route return to Bagan through Chauk, where it will see old Burma Oil installations ('nodding donkeys') along the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy River.

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