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White crested waves of Bay of Bengal wonderfully describe the Beauty of Ngwe Saung Beach. Flesh sea scent refreshes your brainstorm and warmly welcome to all guests for your recreation on coming autumn. Air Bagan starts to fly from Yangon to Patain this October 1, 2010. Air Bagan (ATR 47) has enough space for 47 persons. It flies on every Friday and Sunday for our guest to enjoy the scenery of sea. Air Bagan also tries to arranges car rental bus service from Patain to Ngwe Saung beach for the convenience of the guests. Approximately, it takes about 35 minutes flight from Yangon to Patain and 1 hour drive to Ngwe Saung Beach.



The glory Karaweik Palace, the landmark of Yangon City, try to build the wonderful tower of recreation and tasteful sumptuous meals. Karaweik Palace located on the Royal Barge which berths at the edge of Kandawgyi (The Great Royal Lake). The palatial International Buffet and colorful Culture Show capture the interest of the guest. Fleshy mild breeze of emerald Great Royal Lake warmly welcome to all guests and the decoration of Karaweik Palace encourage to all to visit again. Culture Show includes Traditional Elephant Dance, Happy Meny Count of Pakhan Dance, the dance Depicting Kinnari and Kinnara and Traditional Solo Dance. Culture Show describes the image of Myanmar History and tells our Myanmar Myth. This amazing dinner starts on 6pm (local time) and finishes at 8 pm (local time) every evening. To enjoy this amazing dinner, Bravo helps our guest in dinner booking at Karaweik Palace.

At the corner of Anawyahtar Street and Lan Thit Street of Yangon Downtown, there are two Ceniplex Cinemas at Junction Centre (Maw Tin). These two cinemas are enough for 200 people each. It is the first cinema in Yangon that have the enough space for 200 people. They are included in Junction Centre (Maw Tin). It is located on the fourth floor of Junction Centre (Maw Tin). It started to open on 18 September, 2010. It will show 5 movies on one day and the ticket system is by computing system. The lowest price of a ticket is 1500 Kyats. People can spend their leisure time not only in cinema but also in shopping mall. People can take shopping for clothing, cameras & accessories, electronics, home furnishings, jewelry and watches, kitchen and garden, kid accessories and so on. Junction Center (Maw Tin) systematically organizes on four stories building and arranges the recreation for the public.


Inle Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival is a well-know festival of Myanmar. It keeps Myanmar traditional and culture of Shan Nationality of Myanmar. There are 5 Stupas at Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda in Myanmar floating World,Inle. As pretty earnest donation of Myanmar people, the image of the 5 Stupas change like gold blocks. According to the full-moon day of Taung-saung-mon, November, Phaung Daw Oo festival cerebrates at about 20days. Foreginers and local pilgrims participate in this festival. During the festival days, 4 stupas clockwisely around near village with Royal Barge by leg-rowing boat. Large crowde of people gather on the lake shore and pay homage to the Buddha Images. Buddha Images return home on the third day of festival and enjoy the race of leg-rowing boats and weaving colorful loom. Phaung Daw Oo festival is one of the unique style of Myanmar Treasure. Thousand of pilgrims from various places come offering and make worship at Buddha Images. Cool green Shan Moutain Range, an area of outstanding natural beauty and culture diversity are warmly welcome all pilgrims.


From 1st Swptember, 2010 till further notice, the Visa on Arrival is temporarily backed to the same function as previous period. Tourist Visa has to be applied before arrival. But it is still valid requesting from the agency. The duration for visa approval can take a week or less but sometimes can take up to 3 weeks according to the time of applied at Nay Pyi Taw ( the new capital). You need to show the copy of your arrival visa at the check-in counter for your flight to Myanmar and also upon arrival at Yangon or Mandalay International Airport.

If you would like to apply Arrival Visa from our Bravo, please send your photo by email, fax or by post and following necessary:

- full names                                                           - date of birth
- fathers name                                                       - passport number
- nationality                                                            - date of issue
- religion                                                               - validity
- profession                                                           - arrival and departure day/time
- current address of your employment                     - international flight numbers
- if retired then former address of your employment - 1 passport picture (scan the picture and send)
- your address                                                      - Copy of passport - scanned

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